Legally Operating as an Entrepreneur Starts with Entity Formation!

Lawyer Mommy Lerae DIY Entity Formation

“I went into business with Lerae in 2016. I remember needing to make a shift in regards to my legal representation. My business was so unorganized, monies left on the table, LLC’s dissolved (a mess lol). Lerae came right in, with passion. A sense of urgency and intention. Over the past five years I’ve seen much growth in my deal structures, and honestly the most money I’ve ever seen thus far. She’s thorough, she fights for you, she’s transparent and business aside, a remarkable, strong black woman I consider a true friend. Thank you Lerae for all you do/done for me. I appreciate you.”



“Many may not know that Lerae Funderburg Esq is the reason why I was able to save our brand. When we were going through tough times as a result of poor leadership, Ms. Funderburg provided me with the legal advice I needed to secure the brand, and transition it out of the hands of a tyrannical leader into the hands of my partners and I. This move saved employment for our 30 staff members and a commerce space for our 30+ vendors. She also helped save the vibe for the community's creatives. Lerae is knowledgeable, compassionate, and personable. Thank you Lawyer Mommy!”



It Costs More to Leave Your Ideas & Assets Without Legal Protection

Let me ask you this... As an aspiring entrepreneur, have you:

  • Constantly felt forced to choose between your child(ren) and career?

  • Realized that working a 9-5 just isn't where it's at and you're ready to elevate your career on your own?

  • Wanted to start a business, but didn't know the first thing about forming your entity?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, I'm about to provide you with a solution that you can use on your own, that'll help you chase your dreams, and get that bag!

As a black woman and mother, I’ve always been very passionate about the creation and protection of black businesses and the preservation of black wealth.  As an attorney and firm owner, I advise and counsel my clients on business matters, brand and digital asset protection, and estate planning every day.  


The smallest mistakes in starting your business and completing paperwork yourself can cost you in the end-- sometimes thousands or millions or dollars.


YES, it gets that real and expensive when it comes to the law and your money! But you can avoid all that with my help! 


You don't have to spend months doing the research on what's needed, which government agencies to contact for help, and end up skipping vital steps, when you can simplify the process by letting Lawyer Mommy guide you through registering your business!

What's Inside the Entity Formation Bundle?

You don't have to spend tens of thousands of dollars bullet-proofing your business in legal fees by retaining an attorney to complete the entity formation process for you. Start your business on your own with the guidance and coaching of an attorney with 10+ years in the biz!




    You'll be guided through a simplified walk-through of the process to register your business with the Secretary of State


     Learn about the different entity types, their requirements, and the pros and cons of operating under each type


    Utilize a workbook curated to give you an in depth understanding of how entity formation works, when you should consider changing entity types, and how to simplify the deicion-making process for your entity


    A good lawyer never leaves her clients hanging! If you run into any hiccups during your registration, you can count on me to coach you through it to ensure a successful entity formation process


    It's not a solid business if it's not protected! Jumpstart your operations with required and highly recommended contracts for entrepreneurs, including a Client Agreement, Operating Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Work-for-Hire Agreement, and more!

Protect the Brand. Build the Legacy.

As a self-proclaimed DIY queen, I understand why you might want to register your business yourself. It’s less expensive and it seems easier. But the truth is, you're likely missing steps that are going to cost you in the long run.


It seems like a simplified process at first, but as you click, the terminology gets confusing, you aren't sure if you're checking the right boxes, and what's a registered agent anyway???


Legally protecting businesses doesn't always have to be outside of your budget and my offers are proof! You can afford quality business bundles that give you the security needed to get in your bag, knowing you have one of Atlanta's top lawyers behind you. As a lawyer who's seen the ugly side of legal battles, it's better to choose the right side of history you want to go down on.


Here’s how my entity formation services can build and save your business:

  • MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!: Once the business is registered, the bag is yours to grab! Start bringing in serious revenue with a registered entity without worrying about the legal steps you might've skipped

  • MINIMIZES LOSSES:  Think of me as loss prevention when it comes to the loss of reputation, loss of time, loss of intellectual property, and loss of money!

  • PROTECTION:  Certain entities can help to shield you from personal liability for the acts performed as a business owner

  • REFLECTS THE LAW: Your business is legally registered in your state and county, with a single or multi-member operating agreement on file (when applicable)

  • LIMITS LIABILITY: By trusting a lawyer to register your business, you are in compliance with the requirements to officially operate as a properly structured entity.

Registering Your Entity

This offer is for my ambitious entrepreneurs, like you, who are fearless and ready to take that next step to launch the business you've always dreamed of.


Purchase the Bundle

Purchase the Bundle + check your email for the zip file containing the contract templates and forms for your business operations


Implement the Content

Open the files and take the proper steps provided to complete your formation paperwork


Keep Your Records

Maintain a copy of the fully executed agreement(s) and completed forms for your business records and protection in the future

Secure Your Bundle. Reduce Your Risks. Protect Your Business.

The average lawyer charges anywhere upward of 3-4 figures for this caliber of service, meaning you'll pay less than half of that amount to invest in your business and learn a skill that you can carry throughout the rest of your entrepreneurial journey.


Now ask yourself, which option saves you time, energy, the headaches of potential lawsuits, AND MONEY? Get digital contracts you can trust!

Hi, I’m Lerae!

My name is Lerae Funderburg. I’m a mother of two wonderful children and a Business & Entertainment Lawyer. I’m also the founder and Managing Partner of Funderburg Law, a boutique law firm based out of Atlanta, GA.


My specialties are:

  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Business & Entertainment Transactions
  • Estate Planning


I've protected hundreds of businesses, grown 6 & 7-figure companies with a baby in tow, and received extensive drafting and negotiation training in business, music, and film industries from top-notch professionals.


So what do all these credentials mean for your business?



All I do is win, win, win, no matter what. And you can too!

I know exactly what it takes to build a successful business brand, because I’ve done it over and over. I understand the unique challenges you face with hiring, securing resources, bringing in new clients, increasing revenue, and everything else you do to manage your business. 


Working with me, you don’t only contracts and forms, you get the peace of mind knowing you are making the best decision for your business. 

Not Ready to Register Your Entity? You Can Come Back, Because This Step Can't Be Skipped!

Until then, here are some resources you can check out that can help you with the legal process for establishing and protecting your business.

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