Want to Grow a Successful Health & Wellness Business? Do It With This Bundle!

Protect your brand with legally drafted contracts, forms, and checklists.

Lawyer Mommy Lerae Contract Bundle

"I purchased a few contracts from Lerae and I received way more than I anticipated. The agreements were very meaty and had more than any other agreement I had seen for purchase"

Angelica MacDonald, Esq.


"Lerae is such a blessing for making these amazing products available to us. I read through the contract bundles and it reflects Lerae's love and dedication she has for business owners and individuals."

Tina Wheeler


Let Me Ask You This...

As a business owner in the health and wellness industries, have you:

  • Launched a business and started performing or paying for services through "handshake deals" without contracts in place?

  • Started providing services, but found yourself uncertain about how to effectively market your business?

  • Needed a lawyer to draft and review contracts for business transactions, but it's not in your current budget?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, I'm about to solve each of your problems with the digital bundle you need in your professional life!


The smallest mistakes in random contracts you find on the internet and in those you attempt to draft yourself can cost you in the end-- sometimes thousands or millions or dollars.


YES, it gets that real and expensive when it comes to the law and your money!


But you can avoid all that by skipping the DIY and using legally drafted contracts and forms from a lawyer who knows exactly how to quickly and effectively protect your brand.


And that’s where I come in.

A Glimpse Into the Bundle

You don't have to spend tens of thousands of dollars bullet-proofing your business with legal contracts by retaining an attorney to draft them for you, when you can purchase templates that were drafted by an attorney with 10+ years in the biz!



Client Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement

Client Case History and Intake Form

Consent Form

COVID Waiver

Chakra Summary Chart

Business Checklist

10 Reasons You Need a Contract Checklist

Protect the Brand. Build the Legacy.

I’ve dedicated my career to helping minority business owners build wealth they can pass on to their children, without putting our legacies in jeopardy. 


Over the past year, I've spent time on a spiritual journey that has enlightened me, but also brought attention to the fact that many businesses in the health and wellness spaces are not protected!


Even though the industry is easy-flowing and highly respected, it still needs protection. You work too hard and exert far too much energy while healing and protecting others, but you can't forget about your business!


The DIY route is typically plagued with missing verbiage and clauses that would protect you in the long run. You’ll end up hiring someone like me to correct your mistakes and get you the protection your business deserves.


Here’s how my contracts benefit your health and wellness brands:

  • MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!: Payment clauses state who gets what, when, and how. It leaves little room for dispute about compensation, because there is a mutual understanding of the costs of goods and/or services

  • MINIMIZES ISSUES:  It encourages cooperation amongst the parties. Everyone's roles and responsibilities are mapped out. Issues that may arise can be mitigated as opposed to litigated, thereby saving you on court costs and legal fees

  • PROTECTION: Specifies who owns intellectual property (IP); describes any transfers of IP rights if applicable and on what terms. This is absolutely vital when contracting the services of another (WFH)

  • REFLECTS THE LAW: Well drafted contracts incorporate relevant law and statutes. It also ensures contract terms are in compliance with applicable law surrounding the subject matter

  • LIMITS LIABILITY: By creating certainty in the transaction, the parties effectively limit liability because they expressly agree upon only which they consent to do. The contract will also state which things are beyond the scope of things that either party will obligate themselves to

How the Process Works

This offer is for my ambitious entrepreneurs, like you, who’ve already taken the initial steps to start your business. You’ve determined the entity structure that is perfect for your type of business and you are somewhat in motion. Now, you want to ensure your brand is protected before you go any further.


Here is the process…


Purchase the Bundle

Purchase the Bundle + check your email for the zip file containing the contract templates and forms for your business operations


Implement the Content

Fill in your contract templates with applicable information and apply to your respective proposals, websites, transactions, etc.


Keep Your Records

Maintain a copy of the fully executed agreement(s) and completed forms for your business records and protection in the future

Secure the Bundle. Reduce Your Risks. Protect Your Business.

As a self-proclaimed DIY queen, I understand why you might want to draft contracts and forms yourself. It’s less expensive and it seems easier. But if you're really serious about growing and protecting your business, make it a priority to invest in an affordable solution to protect you, your clients, and your assets.

Hi, I’m Lerae!

My name is Lerae Funderburg. I’m a mother of two wonderful children and a Business & Entertainment Lawyer. I’m also the founder and Managing Partner of Funderburg Law, a boutique law firm based out of Atlanta, GA.


My specialties are:

  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Business & Entertainment Transactions
  • Estate Planning


I've protected hundreds of businesses, grown 6 & 7-figure companies with a baby in tow, and received extensive drafting and negotiation training in business, music, and film industries from top-notch professionals.


So what do all these credentials mean for your business?

Lerae Funderburg - Secure Your Health and Wellness Bundle
Lerae Funderburg - Secure Your Health and Wellness Bundle

All I do is win, win, win, no matter what. And you can too!

I know exactly what it takes to build a successful business brand, because I’ve done it over and over. I understand the unique challenges you face with hiring, securing resources, bringing in new clients, increasing revenue, and everything else you do to manage your business. 


Working with me, you don’t only contracts and forms, you get the peace of mind knowing you are making the best decision for your business. 

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If you’re truly not ready to invest in your business with my DFY contracts and forms, here are some resources you can check out that can help you with the legal process for establishing and protecting your business. 

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